Clock Tower Corner – Modular Building MOC

Clock Tower Corner Building Lego MOC

The tallest building in my neighborhood, The clock tower was added to break up the skyline and the depth of the buildings. It’s actually two buildings in one – A clock tower built over the street and a corner building with a Meat Shop, Izakaya and Art Gallery space.



German Toy Shop Modular Building MOC

Current Version -  rebuilt facade

One of the oldest and largest buildings in my town, the half-timber framed “Toy Shop” building began as one of my first attempts at a Modular MOC (It began life as a modified 10193) . In the last two years, the building¬†has undergone at least 3 expansions and one recent major face lift to the facade.

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Antique Store – Modular Building MOC

Modular Building - Antique Store MOC by Super-Junk

A modest Modular Building that houses an antique store and Modern Studio Apartment.

Sweet Shop Modular Building

Lego Sweet shop Modular building2


A modular combining the Friends Cafe with two brown buildings from Pet Shop. The roofline was inspired by San Diego’s Louis Bank of Commerce Building.

Art Deco Palace Cinema Renovation

Lego Palace Cinema Remodel by Super-Junk

Palace Cinema was the first Modular building that came out after I came out of my dark ages, and so of course I had to have it on day one!  After seeing how the odd roof lines matched up with my existing Modular Town however, some renovations were in order. The interior was kept stock.