Oh, Hello There

Thanks for checking out my little blog. I’ve been obsessed with Lego since 2012,  after coming out of a 20-year dark age. When I was a kid I loved classic Pirates and Castle. I still have all my childhood bricks.

I build stuff to both calm my mind and awaken my creativity.



2 thoughts on “Oh, Hello There”

  1. I’d love to see you start building some MOCs again; I come here often and just look through all the pictures. I especially love the antique shop!

  2. Hi,

    I am a big LEGO enthousiast and saw your website.

    I am currently (the last three years) building a big LEGO city of Modular buildings that I have bought, self designed etc…

    So I was wondering if your designs are available for sale?

    Am I correct to understand that the cornerbuilding with the red and white tower can be build from the townhall set?

    Kind regards,


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